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Answering the Critics

As our ministry continues to expand rapidly, we become more of a target for the naysayers. Of late, we have two primary groups that oppose us.

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About NGJ

Who Is No Greater Joy? No Greater Joy is the ministry of Michael & Debi Pearl under the auspices of No Greater Joy Ministries Inc. Michael has been a pastor, missionary, and evangelist for over 40 years. The Pearls have … Read more

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Confidence When Facing Temptation

Confidence When Facing Temptation

They never used the term, but looking back I was being taught a form of “sin management” and was never given hope that I could be free from this sin.

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shindig table tennis

2014 Shindig Ping Pong

Sign up to play in the first annual Shindig Ping Pong Tournament! Limited spots available, sign up now!

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Michael and Debi Pearl: NOW

Answering Homeschool Questions

For school to be successful, children must enjoy it.

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Training Toddlers

Training Toddlers

Training toddlers can be exhausting, but the present and future rewards are worth it!

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Young man

Patriarchal Dysfunctional Families

They plod on in blind faith trying to do better, but they blame their failure on their children…When things don’t work out like the model they have been presented, they shut the door tighter against the world outside, not realizing that their failure… is actually a universal side effect of a very bad idea.

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Men of Action

Stand Up Like A Man

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Herb Lesson – Cherry

CHERRY Botanical Information Latin name: Prunus avium Family: Rosaceae Interesting Facts Most of the research that follows was conducted on one of the most common American grown cherries; the Montmorency tart cherry, grown mostly in the state of Michigan. “Black … Read more

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Training Boys

I am often asked how to raise boys. It has been so long since my boys were 12 and 14 that I had forgotten much of what we did, but because we have the Russian boys back with us this summer, relating to them again has refreshed my memory considerably.

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