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Lifestyle Homeschooling

You can’t be too ignorant to homeschool. It is not how much you know; it is how much you are learning. You don’t need to communicate great things; you just need to communicate the joy of learning.

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Making A Knife

A Rewarding Do-It-Yourself Project

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My Husband is a Calvinist

Mike advises a confused reader whose husband has become a Calvinist. Spoiler alert: their marital problem is not one of doctrinal differences.

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The Vision Movie (Part 2)

In the previous magazine we wrote about the meeting we had with Manny Edwards, a Christian man who happens to be a movie producer, writer and director.

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Russian Language Good and Evil Update

After evaluation by two independent translators, the almost-finished Russian translation that we have been working for several months was determined not to be up to our usual standards. We had to go elsewhere to put out a high quality Russian translation.

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Is Satan currently being held captive in heaven?

Is Satan currently being held captive in heaven?

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Angry protesting little boy wearing newspaper hat

Child Training Marathon Revisited and Updated

Fifteen years ago, when Deb and I were much younger, a homeschooling family invited us to stay with them for an entire week to critique their child training methods. We had several seminars scheduled for that week, all within a 100-mile radius of their home, so we accepted the challenge, knowing it would be a learning experience for us, as well.

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Child Training Marathon

Deb and I were teaching several seminars in a one-hundred-mile radius. One family requested that we stay with them the entire week and critique their child training.

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