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Why do you only use the King James Bible?

Why do you only use the King James Bible?

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Part 3- A New Generation: The All or Nothing

I had an epiphany today. A couple of things occurred to me and I thought it would bless other mamas, so I am typing out my thoughts and sharing. Mothers have such huge responsibilities every moment of the day (and … Read more

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Have you read “This is the Last Righteous Generation” yet?

So many readers have been contacting us to tell us how much they are enjoying “This is the Last Righteous Generation” that came out in our June/July No Greater Joy issue. They are saying that it is such a timely, … Read more

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Two boys outdoors looking at smartphone screen

This Is the Last Righteous Generation

The winds of history have shifted on your watch. If the Lord tarries, you can tell your grandchildren that you lived through the last righteous generation before the moral apocalypse.

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The Sodom Generation

The Sodom Generation

Cane Creek itself has become infected with cell phone cyber sin. While parents dither about small things, feeling secure in their little house on the prairie, the children are becoming perverts with their secret visits to Sodom. All the training … Read more

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School children listening to Rick Batson share the gospel

Rick is Purchasing a Generator!

Thank you from the Batsons and NGJ for your generosity in providing the funds for Rick to purchase a generator. Political corruption will no longer interfere and the shows can go on as Rick ministers the gospel in the schools. He can also expand his ministry by taking his presentation into the villages.

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Rick Batson, Missionary to Philippines

Missionary to Philippines Needs Generator

Due to the prevalent political corruption, the Filipino schools often experience unscheduled power brownouts, which can last for several hours, when the politicians will divert the electricity for personal gain. Rick has to schedule his school presentations in advance; if a brownout occurs during the time of his presentation, he cannot show the films. Please prayerfully consider helping Rick purchase a generator by donating to Philippines Missions today.

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Rick Batson, missionary to the Philippines

Rick Needs a Generator! Political corruption hinders Gospel presentation

Please prayerfully consider helping Rick purchase a generator by donating to Philippines Missions today. Read more

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A Generation Later

Kids are made of rubber. They bounce back if we don’t get frustrated and throw them away.

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General Correspondence

The Pearls cover a myriad of situations in the articles archive. The Bible says, “Seek, and ye shall find” (Matt.7:7). We pray that as you read through the articles, you will find your answers. Due to their workload, the Pearls … Read more

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