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The Gift of Work

By Wanda Kinsinger My children began helping around the house long before it was work to them. Every young child wants to do what their mommy is doing, but not every mother will let them do it until they are … Read more

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The Gift of Music

Music becomes the gateway to increased brain power for all areas of learning, including math, science, and memory. Here’s how to incorporate it in your child’s everyday life to build a big brain!

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Military Gift Package Request

Do you have a friend or loved one that is serving in the military? Send us their name and address at this link and we will send them a box of our bestselling books and audios! We’ll also send a … Read more

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January Ministry Gift Letter

This is the newsletter that is sent to our monthly supporters describing the eternal impact their gifts make. We thought you would also enjoy seeing how God has been using the gifts given to No Greater Joy! January Update Letter This is … Read more

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Year End Gifts

Time spent before the end of 2012 determining the best ways to make your charitable gifts, can help you stretch your charitable dollars. Pending and proposed changes to tax laws could affect the amount that you can deduct for qualified charitable gifts beginning in 2013.

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NGJ Office Humor: The Pearl’s Gift Registry

Mel let everyone know today that with Mike and Debi’s anniversary coming up that maybe they should consider registering for gifts. His idea: Register at the local, damaged-goods, second-hand store, “Almost Anything.” Debi’s reply—“It’s so funny because it’s so TRUE.”

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The Gift of Wisdom

Who said God would not give wisdom to a four-year-old? When I spontaneously began to laugh with thanksgiving and joy, Gracie wanted to know what had made me laugh. So I explained to Gracie that God had blessed her with the gift of wisdom, which in turn had made me very happy.

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Year-End Tips on Giving

Make sure your charitable gifts have an eternal perspective. Think about the long-term effect of your donation.

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TJ & Family

Please Help Us Help TJ

Everyone here at No Greater Joy Ministries and the Church of Cane Creek loves TJ Slayman and his family. It has been our pleasure to watch this young man grow in the Lord’s work. He has been a faithful servant … Read more

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Michael and Debi Pearl: NOW

Answering Homeschool Questions

For school to be successful, children must enjoy it.

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