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Good & Evil Audio – Elijah on Carmel

Elijah has a true mountaintop experience on Mt. Carmel when the Lord defeats the prophets of Baal. That means his faith is now unshakable, right? Well, I guess Elijah is a lesson to us all.

Listen to Audio June 2013

Good & Evil Animation Clip 3

Sodom & Gomorrah – what would it have been like?

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Good & Evil Audio Clip: Fiery Serpents

Transcription Announcer:  Here we have a clip for you from Good and Evil episode 4. We hope you like it. We sure had fun making it. [music] Man 1:  There came a day when their complaints and unbelief caused God … Read more

Listen to Audio May 2013

Good & Evil Animation Clip 2 – Noah

Can one man be right and the whole world wrong? One man stood firm before the masses when he heard from God. He was glad he did

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Good & Evil Animation Clip 1

Transcription [music] Narrator:  This story is told in an old book, thousands of years old. Every word I am about to tell you is true. Some of it will be hard to believe, but the truth is often stranger than … Read more

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The Good and Evil – Animated Promo – Thomas James

Transcription [music] Thomas James:  Fourteen years ago, I went to the mission field, in closed country, had to get a job and work. I got a job working at a restaurant that was just starting. They started the day before … Read more

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