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Good and Evil Update (February 2010)

A missionary in Southeast Asia has committed to another 20,000 print run in Simplified Chinese and is supplying all the funding, allowing NGJ to fund other Good and Evil projects. The Chichewa translation, a widely spoken language of the Bantu people in south-central Africa, is completed and awaiting printing. Hindi and Japanese are now in final proofing, and translation work has begun on the Tongan language and the Urdu language of Pakistan

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Report on the Good and Evil Book Distribution Project

Report on the Good and Evil Book Distribution Project     (From the November-December 2010 Issue of NGJ Magazine) No Greater Joy magazine had an article in the May-June 2010 issue titled “Sorry,” offering to send out the Good and … Read more

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Good Eatin’

Mel recently returned from seminar presentations at Camp Fort Rock. After seeing this menu he decided today would be a good day to fast!

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Pineapple for Good Digestion

Bromelain is a natural digestive enzyme that comes from the humble pineapple. Our sweet cook, Lexi, put our pineapple in a bowl with tomatoes and everything got digested. Wow.

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Good and Evil Animation Chapter 1

Trouble viewing? This video is being hosted on If YouTube is blocked by your Internet Service Provider you will not be able to see this video. Please order a disc (see below) or download the video directly and play … Read more

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Good Search

GoodSearch offers you a search engine alternate to Google and gives you the opportunity to support your favorite non-profits—including NGJ. Start using GoodSearch today to support NGJ.

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Cain and Abel illustration from the Good and Evil graphic novel comic book

Good and Evil Episode One Complete!

The first chapter of a film designed to help teach the Bible story chronologically is complete. Watch the first segment of Good and Evil online and learn what went into the creation of this film.

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We Say Good Morning

How do YOU greet each new day? Does the dawn find you pressed to meet deadlines, tackle chores and get everyone else going? Michael Pearl gains a new perspective from his five-year-old grandson, Jeremiah.

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Good & Evil Behind the Scenes—Voice Recording Week

Check out the behind-the-scenes of video production for the upcoming Good & Evil Animation Series:

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Good & Evil Animation 1st Chapter Almost Done!

The Good & Evil Animation is moving right along. The first of 13 Episodes is almost finished. We will offer Episode 1 as a free download soon. Be sure to follow for all the updates. —By Jared

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