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Mobile-Friendly Arabic Good and Evil

Here’s a glimpse of our newest mobile-friendly Arabic Good and Evil! We’re so excited to begin to offer the Good and Evil Comic Book Action Bible in this format, which provides an optimized experience specifically for smart phone users! Please pray for … Read more

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The Eternal Battle Plan: Getting Started with iMissionaries

Learn about iMissionaries and how you can become involved in spreading the gospel online through social media!

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Read testimonies and view pictures of children and adults from all over the world reading this new illustrated book.

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Good and Evil

Does Good and Evil Exist? What is Good? What is Evil? Good vs Evil Good and Evil Comic Book Bible How Did the Good and Evil Comic Book Bible Come to Be? What is in the Good and Evil Comic … Read more

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Good and Evil Global

There are some people groups…even nations that until now have been unreached. The Bible tells us that before the second coming of Christ, “the gospel must first be published among all nations” (Mark 13:10)

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Michael and Debi Pearl young family

What Hath God Wrought?

It has been 20 years since the very first issue of the No Greater Joy magazine. I can still remember sitting at our kitchen table, hand-addressing each one!

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Our Worldwide Ministries

Worldwide requests for quality family and Bible materials exponentially expands the scope of No Greater Joy Ministries.

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From a Pastor in the Philippines

From a Pastor in the Philippines

I wanna say thank you again for giving us the Good and Evil Bible comic book! I have been using it as a gift to give to kids in my new Bible studies.

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Amazon Promo

Amazon Promotion March 6-8, 2012   We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the promotion of Mike’s newest book, Created to Need a Help Meet: A Marriage Guide for Men. We have posted a report on the success of … Read more

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The Making of Good & Evil

The Making of Good & Evil

The Project was much bigger and more costly than any one imagined. The impact is tremendous.

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