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Jumping Ship – The Key to Keeping Your Children is to Share a Vision

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  Everyone needs a vision and the means to fulfill it. Now what I mean by vision, I mean there has to be something in life bigger than you. It has to be something in life … Read more

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Jumping Ship (Part 5)

What to do when you have a child who has jumped ship.

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Jumping Ship (Part 4)

If you want to almost guarantee that your children will not jump ship (other factors being equal), provide a community life that holds promise of suitable future mates.

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Jumping Ship (Part 3)

I was one of those children who jumped ship, and I did so for all the reasons you listed. My parents were hypocrites and expected the same from my sister and me.

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Jumping Ship (Part 2)

There is an epidemic of young adults jumping ship from their Christian upbringing to join the world’s parade.

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Jumping Ship (Part 1)

What to do so your children don’t jump ship to the world when they get older.

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The Key to Keeping Your Kids

If you don’t provide a vision, your children will find their own, and it might not be the proper kind.

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What’s Happening

Created to Be His Help Meet in both German and Russian are being reprinted. Jumping Ship second printing in Romanian. 5,000 more Good & Evil books printed in Thai.

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Michael and Debi Pearl young family

What Hath God Wrought?

It has been 20 years since the very first issue of the No Greater Joy magazine. I can still remember sitting at our kitchen table, hand-addressing each one!

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NGJ Worldwide Ministries

NGJ Ministries Worldwide Licensing Agreements

As we move forward with licensing agreements we expect that our combined sales through licensed books will continue to outpace our domestic sales by a wide margin. This is our area of growth for 2014 and beyond.

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