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Did I seriously just question God’s Word?

I have been a Christian for 17 years. I have loved getting to know God, learning about his love for me and others, reading the Bible, and knowing what God has for women and wives. I love encouraging you all … Read more

Read Article April 2020

“You Just Gotta Be Smarter!”

We got a laugh out of this commercial that Charleston films made for NGJ’s Alabama Seminar! Take a look…

Read Blog Post June 2017
Justin & Shalom's Traveling Adventures

Justin and Shalom’s Traveling Adventures

We are on our way and what an adventure it is going to be! I just want to thank everyone out there that supports No Greater Joy and let you know that you are a blessing to each of us here at No Greater Joy.

Read Blog Post June 2014

Just Foolin’ Around

It seems that foolish children have become the norm in our society. Parents or guardians excuse silliness by saying, “They’re just kids; they’ll grow out of it.” So they are allowed to be fools until it seems to be the … Read more

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Shalom’s Love Story – Big Texas Shindig – Shalom Brand

Transcription [music] Shalom Brand:  I’m Shalom Brand and I was born in Tennessee. I was raised on a farm, as most of you probably already know. When I was 18, my mom and dad said it’s time for me to … Read more

Watch Video February 2013

An Old Hippy Van

What a story! After a series of bizarre events surrounding his old VW van, Justin preaches the gospel — to himself — and gets saved! Mechanics will especially appreciate this testimony.

Watch Video August 2008

The Folly of Fairness

There is a universal tendency to try to make life fair. We tend to think of legislated fairness as equality, when in fact it is inequality. This is so ingrained in us that we equate fairness with justice.

Read Article June 1996

An Unexpected Road to Success

Nobody wants to fail. We spend a lot of energy and effort in avoiding failure. We often associate it with being a bad thing. But what if failure is not really failure? What if we could arm our children with … Read more

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To all Mothers and Wives

Deep in the heart of the farmlands of the Midwest, a housewife tucks her children into their beds, kissing each one gently, singing softly as she leaves the room. Her little ones smile and quickly fall asleep. As she swaps … Read more

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Once Upon A Time…

Growing up, Mama had a system and it worked to bring peace and stability to our large and growing family. Nearly every day when the clock rolled around to 4 pm, Mama would have us all start getting ready for … Read more

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