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Good & Evil Updates

Good and Evil Update, March 2012

Good and Evil gives everyone with a heart for missions an opportunity to make a difference. Everyone involved is storing up treasures in heaven.

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Help With a Bigger Mission

Mission accomplished and now a bigger mission! I was once again brought to tears upon seeing God’s hand at work in the lives of people. I just received the following email from the Director of Family and Children’s Services in … Read more

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Close up photograph of old fashioned delicious bone broth

Healthy Broth

Old-fashioned broth is packed with important minerals that have disappeared from the American diet.

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Herb Lesson – Cherry

CHERRY Botanical Information Latin name: Prunus avium Family: Rosaceae Interesting Facts Most of the research that follows was conducted on one of the most common American grown cherries; the Montmorency tart cherry, grown mostly in the state of Michigan. “Black … Read more

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Israel: Thriving at 65

Israel: Thriving at 65

Israeli ingenuity has made little Israel seem much bigger than it is. Many of today’s technological advancements in agriculture, computing, medicine, telecommunications, and military defense originated in the minds of Israelis.

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Good and Evil Global

There are some people groups…even nations that until now have been unreached. The Bible tells us that before the second coming of Christ, “the gospel must first be published among all nations” (Mark 13:10)

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