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Making Your Calling Sure

In my experience, 95% of those who identify with the Christian religion have never been born again. They call themselves a Christian family, but many are false converts. Just as there is a checklist of symptoms for different diseases, we have observed certain symptoms manifested by fake Christians…

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Making a Difference

49,246 Libyans read the Bible story online this year in Arabic. We were shocked and delighted when we discovered that nearly 50,000 people in Libya, a Muslim country of 6.5 million people, supposedly closed to the gospel, had visited … Read more

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A Dream Come True... 20 Years in the Making

A Dream Come True… 20 Years in the Making

Last month, Nathan returned to the mountain of Papua New Guinea and walked among the Kumboi people. He was a teenager when he was last there.

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A Dream Come True… 20 Years in the Making

Today Nathan is on top of a mountain in Papua New Guinea walking among the Kumboi people. He was a teenager when he was last there. At the time his older sister, Beka was a linguist working among the extremely … Read more

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Felmley Family 2012

Making an Eternal Difference

Two years later and 5,000 copies of the Chichewa Good and Evil have been distributed in Malawi (Africa)! Now you can help with the next 5,000 copies!

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An Artist in the Making

Every child needs a dream—a dream of becoming a real artist, because some really are.

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Making an Eternal Difference in the Prisons of California

West Coast Prison Distribution of Good and Evil books

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Serviceman hugging his wife and baby while Old Glory waves in the background

Making Sense of It

Academia, media and those in political power are often promoting policies that go against the best interest of our country and oppress the poor. Michael Pearl discusses these trends and today’s bias against Christians.

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Making Sweet Juice

Debi shows us how to use Stevia as a natural sweetener.

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The Making of Good & Evil - Thomas James

The Making of Good & Evil – Thomas James

Its growing impact on individual lives around the world is a reality. The time has come for its next level of impact.

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