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Seeking God’s Counsel

I have spent the last few weeks praying and seeking God’s face as to how we should move forward with a new Shindig. I believe God is in it, so my wife and I will be pursuing it.

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Change is Good

No Greater Joy Ministries is on the roll, and we (Mike and Debi) are moving along with it as well as can be expected for two old fogies. Here is a list of what’s up…

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Freedom From Addictions

Are you an addict? If you don’t do drugs or alcohol, you probably think not, but think again. Most of my readers are non-substance addicts, and it is harming your life, your children, and the Kingdom of God.

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Preparing to Be a Help Meet – Part 7

What happens when a girl lacks patience? These three ladies have stories that may give you pause for thought.

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Good & Evil Will Be Available to Most People Groups on Earth

We are currently developing a website and HTML5 application that will greatly speed up the process of translating the Good and Evil Graphic Novel into almost every language on earth.

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Mark and Erin Harrison

Virtuous Conversation

What does it mean to have the heart of your husband safely trusting in you? We can spoil his trust and confidence in us through our poor conduct and conversation.

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Family Proverbs Time – Happy Time at Home

It’s raining outside. The kids have been locked up all day with no access to digital media, and they have played all the board games again and again until they are bored. They are starting to get antsy, invading each other’s space.

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From Behind Enemy Lines

As I step out of my car and begin my long walk across the parking lot I can already feel the oppression in the air. With each step I take the darkness increases and I know deep in my soul that I am now behind enemy lines.

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Training Starts at Birth

Every parent trains their children. They train them to scream and pitch fits, or they train them to be sweet and obedient, but the child is trained either way.

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Preparing to Be a Help Meet – Part 6

Transcription (unedited) Announcer: When Ellie met Anthony, their friendship developed very slowly. Her patience and delight in the Lord helped to win the Italian prince. Kristen Victory: I didn’t have to wait long before I met the mystery man. My brother … Read more

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