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Mark 3:7-35

Mark 3:7-35. But Jesus withdrew himself with his disciples to the sea: and a great multitude from Galilee followed him, and from Judaea…

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Mark 2:13-3:6

Mark 2:13-3:6. And he went forth again by the sea side; and all the multitude resorted unto him, and he taught them.

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Licensing Complete for Preparing & Men’s Book in Nigeria

Nigeria Licensing Agreement. We receive a royalty. They print, market and sell our books in their marketplace. Now 47 agreements in place.

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A Peek Behind the Scenes

I want to introduce our team to you and let them share how they came to be part of No Greater Joy Ministries. We are profoundly thankful that God has raised up such a dedicated group of servants to aid us in the work he has called us to do.

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The Harvest has Arrived…

Thank you for your support of NGJ Ministries. This is the report of reaping the harvest. All our life we have worked for such a season of abundant fruit and now the yield is indeed plentiful. I am thankful we … Read more

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Training Babies

How do you raise hardworking, cheerful children who look for ways to serve those around them? It’s easy when you start on day one. The day they are born, training begins.

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Teaching Thankfulness

If children do not see the connection between what you provide and their consumption, they will not be appreciative.

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The Nature of Man and Woman

Learning to trust my husband was the beginning. Letting him lead, hearing the words come out of my mouth, “I fully, 100% trust you with my family, with the decisions that need to be made, with however you feel like we should do,” was giving him back his manhood.

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Brain Grooving

From the very first moments of your child’s life, his brain is being molded into who and what he will become.

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NOW is the TIME – Tax Tips

Dear Fellow Servant of the Cross, You can make meaningful and cost-effective charitable gifts by carefully planning their timing and the property used to fund them. Mel Cohen has been a key servant in helping No Greater Joy Ministry for … Read more

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