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Created To Need A Help Meet (MP3 CD)
Ecclesiastes (MP3 CD)

Ecclesiastes 8 – Part 6

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Two Year Old Trouble

A Reader Asks My son is 2 years and 10 months. He is a bright, affectionate, patient, obedient child. Or at least he was until about 3–4 weeks ago. At that point he decided to start fighting me on EVERYTHING. … Read more

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The Net

The Net

In our present culture, by the time most children are sixteen years old, they have left a well-documented profile on the World Wide Web. Advertisers say, “We know more about you than you know about yourself.”

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Give Attendance to Reading

Give Attendance to Reading

There are paths we choose in life that forever change our destiny. Sometimes the choices seem small, even insignificant, such as becoming friends with someone, speaking negatively about another, or getting too involved in an activity. Sometimes it is our … Read more

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Who Defines You?

Who Defines You?

The best the world has to offer is a lot of hype from a therapist or motivational speaker about accepting yourself as you are, with a mantra of, “I am somebody.”

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Mel’s Presentation Notes from the 2013 Ozark Mountain Shindig

Mel’s Presentation Notes from the 2013 Ozark Mountain Shindig.

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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - What is the Terror of the Lord? - Episode 086

What is the Terror of the Lord?

Regarding “The Terror of the Lord” as seen in 2nd Corinthians 5:11, could you explain this?

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No Greater Joy Ministries

No Greater Joy Ministries

Featuring the finest in family-friendly, value-based books, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, and over 500 free articles on parenting, husband and wife relationships, and more! Sign up for our FREE bi-monthly print Magazine. Through books and tapes, the Pearls are training parents … Read more

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