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Mike Throwing Knives

To Train Up A Child” authors defend corporal chastisement book

News story from WPEC 12 (CBS) West Palm Beach

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To Train Up a Child, Chapter 1

First chapter of Michael and Debi Pearl’s best-selling book, To Train Up a Child, now available as an audio book!

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To Train Up a Child

Excerpt from the book “To Train Up A Child”, by Michael and Debi Pearl.

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A Generation Later

Kids are made of rubber. They bounce back if we don’t get frustrated and throw them away.

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The Fruit of Child Training - Webinar

The Fruit of Child Training – Webinar

Nathan, Shalom and Shoshanna join their parents to discuss what it was like growing up in the Pearl home and how they are benefiting as adults from the fruit of their training. Originally aired Live.

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Fox 13 News Memphis

Fox 13 News Memphis

Mike is still the “go-to guy” on the spanking controversy. See the news report, “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child?” by reporter Jill Monier on Fox 13 News Memphis featuring Mike and To Train Up a Child.

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Learning To Train – Not To Parent

Twenty-one years ago, my husband and I adopted our first child. At the time, we were not the typical adoption family. Many couples go through a lengthy period of trying to have children before grieving the loss of hope and … Read more

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Rotten Rabbits

From my female perspective, men are a different race, very difficult for us more emotionally balanced females to understand. To prove this statement, I would like to bring to your attention one very irritating male quirk: they readily become obsessed … Read more

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7 Important Things to Know in Raising Children

1. Make time for them. Children are like plants. They need attention and direction every day. I plant a garden every year, and about half of the time I wait too long to stake my tomatoes. A small plant doesn’t … Read more

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Gentle Parenting: Part 2

What does the Bible say about corporal chastisement and Gentle Parenting?

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