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Hana Williams’ Death – Official Statement

We share in the sadness over the tragic death of Hana Williams. What her parents allegedly did is diametrically opposed to the philosophy of No Greater Joy Ministries (NGJ) and what is taught in the book, To Train Up a … Read more

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Response to Schatz case

District Attorney’s Comment No Greater Joy has recently received several negative comments in connection with the Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz case in California. The following is quoted from a recent news article: “…[Butte County District Attorney Mike] Ramsey is quick … Read more

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Homeschooling Pioneers

Homeschooling Pioneers Homeschooling Pioneers – Part I Interview with Rebekah (Pearl) Anast, Daughter of Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries By Deborah Wuehler, Devotional/Chapel Editor, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Ever had a child training problem and not … Read more

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Polish Couple

An amazing couple from Poland visited us a few weeks ago. We were blessed by their love for God’s teaching. He is a publisher. He told us he got a call from a Polish lady who now lives in the … Read more

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Functioning Community

Parents need help effectively raising children who can swim against the tide in this current society. A community of believers provides a wholesome context in which your children can grow.

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Old Tom

Tom Slayman has spent a lifetime pursuing his passions. Even before he was a believer, he was a devoted father to his four children. Michael Pearl tells how Tom’s passion and vision helped create No Greater Joy Ministries.

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About NGJ

Who Is No Greater Joy? No Greater Joy is the ministry of Michael & Debi Pearl under the auspices of No Greater Joy Ministries Inc. Michael has been a pastor, missionary, and evangelist for over 40 years. The Pearls have … Read more

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Yes! I Am Normal

Shoshanna Easling is the youngest of Mike and Debi’s children. People who balk at To Train Up a Child’s methods are often surprised when they meet this poised, confident and outgoing wife, mother and business woman.

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Grandmother Strikes Again

Grandparents desire that the limited time they have with their grandchildren be positive. However, when the boundaries are crossed, it is encouraging to be reminded how God’s remedies bring restoration and joy.

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Men are a different sort of people that are very hard for us more emotionally-balanced females to understand. To prove this statement I would like to bring to your attention one very bad male quirk. They become obsessed with…

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