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Michael Pearl Believes WHAT?

A great many parents listen to the advice of Michael Pearl. In the midst of all the good advice, have they heard everything? Michael Pearl does not believe in the imputation of Adam’s sin to all human beings.

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How is it that your family is so happy, your children so motivated, well-behaved, and love the Lord?

The good fruits of our own family and ministry have proven again that God’s way is the right way.

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Isn’t your teaching on spanking actually child abuse?

Training is teaching the child early in life what to do and how to respond, using gentle, positive reinforcement. That is the whole scope of our ministry.

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Are Michael and Debi Pearl “Guilty as Charged?”

How do we combat the irrational and unfounded sensationalism that would poison the waters of our communities? With truth.

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The Preparing to Be a Help Meet Amazon Blitz Was a Great Success!

Out of over 2.9 million titles offered by Amazon Preparing To Be A Help Meet reached the Amazon Top 100 on 2 days.

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The Best Medicine

“How do I delight in children that only cause me pain and grief?” You need a small victory to give you hope.

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Response to Schatz case

District Attorney’s Comment No Greater Joy has recently received several negative comments in connection with the Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz case in California. The following is quoted from a recent news article: “…[Butte County District Attorney Mike] Ramsey is quick … Read more

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Russian Language Good and Evil Update

After evaluation by two independent translators, the almost-finished Russian translation that we have been working for several months was determined not to be up to our usual standards. We had to go elsewhere to put out a high quality Russian translation.

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Listen to My Dream

One day last fall a young boy was milling around in my office when he located one of the few remaining copies of Listen To My Dream and asked, “What’s this little book about?” I opened the tattered old children’s book while he leaned over my shoulder.

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Child Training Marathon Revisited and Updated

Fifteen years ago, when Deb and I were much younger, a homeschooling family invited us to stay with them for an entire week to critique their child training methods. We had several seminars scheduled for that week, all within a 100-mile radius of their home, so we accepted the challenge, knowing it would be a learning experience for us, as well.

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