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1 & 2 PETER - MP3 CD

Item 7010-55

Peter writes to "them that have obtained like precious faith..." In these two books, he covers most all areas of the Christian life -- from the milk to the meat. He discusses salvation, doctrinal issues, and deceiving spirits amongst us. He tells us how to practically live out a daily "walk" after the Spirit, no matter what our state in life -- whether king or servant, man or wife. Two exciting books in thirteen messages totaling over nine hours of teaching. 1 MP3 CD.



1 & 2 Peter introduces subjects that the Apostle Paul never touched on. Learn about election, adding to your faith, Paradise, the seven baptisms, Christian suffering, corrupt shepherds, and much more. There are more practical teachings in these two letters than one can imagine. Thirteen messages totaling over nine hours of teaching. This puts all 13 CDs on one MP3 CD disc.

One (1) MP3 CD.

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