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Neither Oldest Nor Best

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Dr. Sorenson says “Virtually all of the modern Bibles translations have one thing in common, and that is that they are translated from a different text than the King James Bible.” These contemporary Bible translations are based upon what is called the modern Critical Text. The principal sources of the Critical Text are two manuscripts: (1) Codex Vaticanus and (2) Codex Sinaiticus. Dr. David Sorenson shows how that both of these manuscripts are fraudulent in their provenance. Though claimed to have been produced in the fourth century, they in fact are of recent origin.



How the Foundational Manuscripts of Modern Bible Translations are Fraudulent

David Sorenson presents compelling evidence that the principal manuscripts, foundational to virtually all modern Bible versions – Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus – are not ancient. They in fact are of recent origin. Though presenting literary history, many will find this book to be a page turner. There is scholarship evident throughout, yet the author writes on a level which just about anyone can understand. This book presents powerful evidence that Codex Sinaiticus was actually produced in 1840 and that Codex Vaticanus is no older than the medieval era, with modifications likely made in the 19th century.

What Others are Saying:
David Brown, Ph.D.: “Sorenson exposes the ‘fake news’ (of the Critical Text) by bringing forth evidence . . . of the intrigue, lies, and bullying used to cover up what really happened.”

James Stringer, Ph.D.: “This book will turn the ‘theologically correct’ world upside down. A real lesson about being careful where you get your information. This is a very good and a greatly needed work.”

Dell Johnson, Th.D., Ph.D.: “Devastating evidence and penetrating common- sense analysis . . . a must read.”

Randall King, D.Min.: “Explosive, well researched and documented, forging directly into the battle over the underlying texts of the Bible, Plain spoken, authoritative, eye opening.”

Click here to watch Dr. Sorenson talk about the subject on YouTube.

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