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Samuel YELL and TELL book

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A child predator loses his power when he loses his cover. This beautifully-illustrated children's book will arm parents and children against would-be predators. By Debi Pearl. 48 pages.




Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell: A Warning for Children Against Sexual Predators

An award winning author steps into troubled waters writing books for children instructing them how to respond if a sexual predator makes an advance. The predator can be another child, a family friend, an older sibling, a sports coach, a church leader, or another relative. Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell is the first in the series of books addressing the subject of children dealing with sexual predators in a mature way.

Yell and Tell is written in a musical rhyme and rhythm that children love. They will also be more inclined to remember what they read by this type of writing. It is told in a simple story telling manner introducing a delightful young boy named Samuel to lead the way.

Children as young as four years old through pre-teens will find the story captivating, as well as instructional. Four times, young Samuel is discreetly challenged by his mother to consider how he should respond if he were faced with situations concerning sexual advances. Each time Samuel thinks his way through and responds by assuring his mother he will always yell and tell.

Giving a child this simple knowledge is arming them with wisdom to always yell and always tell. This is a priceless tool for parents as they seek to protect their children from those who seek them harm.

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From the back cover

Yell and Tell books are written to save your child.

Ninety percent of all child sexual predators are close friends to the family or family members themselves. The only way your child will ever know how to avoid being sexually exploited is that he has been carefully taught how to know “the bad guy” and what to do when he says, “Don’t tell.”

About Debi Pearl

Debi and her husband, Michael Pearl, are the parents of 5, and grandparents of 18 (still counting). They are international best-selling authors. Their books have been translated into over 30 languages worldwide. They author a free bi-monthly magazine called No Greater Joy which explores child training, marriage, Bible teaching, and natural healing. You are invited to visit them at and

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The Statistics on Children’s Sexual Abuse are Shocking — Debi Pearl’s New Book Yell and Tell Provides Solutions (PRWeb)

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A warning for children against sexual predators.


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A Warning for Children Against Sexual Predators




Debi Pearl



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