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By Divine Design




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Michael Pearl discusses some of the basic presuppositions that lead us to believe in and trust the unseen God. We are part of a great drama that is perfectly orchestrated by both the sovereignty of God and the free will of man.

If you are philosophically minded, this book will appeal to you. It addresses the question, "Why did God let this happen?"

From the back cover:

Michael Pearl discusses questions that trouble many but few dare to ask.

• “How can I believe and trust a God who allows so much evil?”
• “Why did God even make us capable of sinning? If He is omniscient, couldn’t He have created a world without sin and death?”
• “Why did God create Lucifer if He knew it would result in sin?”
• “Why did God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden if He did not want Adam and Eve to sin?”
• “Why would the Creator let souls live forever in Hell?"


Excerpt from the book:

Until now, all that I have published was written to answer a need in my readers. By Divine Design was written to answer a need in the author: a need to speak, to document my world view.
Forty years of study, reflection, interaction, and teaching has developed a perspective that, though not original in any single point, is unique as each individual is unique.
If you were to join the author on the front porch to spend the afternoon discussing the great issues that have historically been of deepest concern to all mankind, you would hear much of the content of this book.
Molded by Scripture, prayer, mediation, interaction with saints and sinners, the joyful and the suffering, the learned scholar and the common man, a philosophy is forged.
I give you mine. You be the judge of its truthfulness.
My regret is that your side of the discussion is missing. Many of you will not agree with some of my views. I have debated with many a theology book and argued a thousand different world views. My thoughts have been sifted and will continue to be so. Possible this little publication will help you sift your own views.
My thanks goes to the many inmates incarcerated in CCA at Clifton, Tennessee. It is at their urging that I finally decided to commit this manuscript to publication. Pre-publication copies circulated among them caused such a stir of excitement and brought forth testimonies of blessing that after four years I decided to go forward with printing.
Let us judge all that we believe according to the Scripture and all that we are according to the Spirit of God.
-Michael Pearl

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The sovereignty of God and the free will of man - can they be harmonized?


Michael Pearl


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