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Homeschool With Ease - by Wanda Kinsinger

The Baby Years & Beyond
by Wanda Kinsinger
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"One of my most valued privileges is to read numerous manuscripts from aspiring authors who want to impact homeschool families. Once or twice in my career I have read a manuscript and realized that I have just read a blockbuster. This book is one of them." ~Debi Pearl

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Display Name Homeschool With Ease - by Wanda Kinsinger
Subtitle The Baby Years & Beyond
Tagline No
Product Type Book
Media Print
ISBN 978-1952247019
Format No
Language English
Author Wanda Kinsinger
Manufacturer No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc.
Publication Date May 18, 2020
Pages 234
Binding Softcover, perfect-bound
Dimensions 9x6x0.5
Filesize No
Duration No
Website No
Other Credits No
Autographed No
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Do you want to homeschool, but don't know where to start? Are you wondering if you can do it, even if you are not a teacher? God specifically placed your child into your care. Sure, it’s easy to get overwhelmed but successful homeschool mom, Wanda Kinsinger, knows the simple solution is taking it one small step at a time.Your child’s education begins in their baby years and builds from there. Homeschool With Ease will help you take full advantage of the early years to capture your child’s interest, keep learning fun and lay a strong foundation for years to come.• Make the most of everyday learning experiences• Strategies, practical tips, and creative ideas anyone can use• Built-in flexibility to respond to your child’s needs, personality, and learning preferences. You have what it takes.YOU CAN DO THIS!