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MINISTRY GIFT – iMissionaries

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For just pennies a day you can make a huge impact for the Kingdom of God!

Read below for more info.

One time


How it works:

1. You set up a monthly recurring donation to No Greater Joy Ministries.

2. Your money goes into a pool of funds that will be spent on Google or Facebook Ads.

3. We choose what countries to target the advertisements based on the cost-per-ad click that Google is charging. If you’d like to target a specific country or region include a suggestion with your donation.

4. We send you a periodic email report with the exciting results! In it we’ll include a map and charts that show site visitors and activity on the Good & Evil website for that month.

iMissionaries was started in December 2013 by Jared Rowe & Marlin Zimmerman. The goal was to train people to evangelize through the internet, and to use the power of technology to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

No Greater Joy Ministries gives away the Good and Evil: The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible for free on the website. Through No Greater Joy, iMissionaries places advertisements on social media (like Facebook) and gives away the book for free as something people can view or download. Every week there are over 200,000 visitors to the Good and Evil book website. The Gospel is spreading digitally around the globe! Donations to iMissionaries further the development and spread of the Good and Evil book, and development for new ways to get the Gospel out through digital channels.

100% of your donation goes to placing ads. NGJ pays our staff to place the ads with profits from our book sales so that we can put all of your contributions to these ads.

Thank you for your support and prayers for this ministry.

You can make one time donations, and we have also set up an auto recurring donation system that allows you to make recurring, monthly, tax-deductible donations. Use the Add to Cart button above to set up a recurring donation today.

iMissionaries is a very effective and efficient way to reach all corners of the world and share the biblical presentation of Good and Evil: The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible. Good and Evil has been translated into 50+ languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, Urdu, Nepali, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian and Vietnamese. iMissionaries may be the only access that many of these people may ever have to the gospel. Your involvement as an “iMissionary” or supporter can have a life changing impact on hundreds and even thousands of lives!

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