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The Gap Fact

by Michael Pearl
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Definately a Topic to Pursue Further Review by Psalm54:4
Overall well presented. I wrestled with this for awhile. Have to say I have changed my position on this now. Thank you for the perspective though. I found it interesting that the Gap Theory is a belief that has been accepted by a certain group of people mentioned in the booklet. I didn't know that. I wish more scripture would be brought up. Or that a message would be prepared to present a more biblically pursuasive position. I would especially appreciate it if Mike would present the Gap Theory and supporting and opposing verses. The verses that helped my (cut and dry) were found in the new testament. I am by no means a bible scholar, I don't know Greek or Hebrew, so I would appreciate more input. I spoke to a man who studies the scripture and knows the Hebrew and Greek. He challenged us to study the scripture. When I thought that I did search out and study to the best of my abilities, I was gently told by this kind man that there are many things that are not understood in the Hebrew or Greek unless you know the Hebrew or Greek. So I felt a bit discouraged. I don't know if I will ever study Greek or Hebrew (I wish!), so I have to rely on hearing from both sides after I have done my own reading. Romans 5 settles this for me.
We love you all! (Posted on 6/20/2012)

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