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The Bible on Divorce and Remarriage

by Michael Pearl
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Excellent! Review by Victoria
I have heard so many conflicting opinions, read so many conflicting articles, and heard so many conflicting sermons on divorce in my life that I have never had a clear idea of what God's will is in this matter. Recently the marriages of two old and dear friends were rocked and torn apart by pornography and adultery, and it got me thinking a lot about what God has to say on the subject of divorce and remarriage. I got this book on Amazon and read it through in two sittings; it was by far the most clear, sensible, biblical and uplifting writing on the topic that I've ever read. I can't explain how happy it made me to FINALLY know and understand exactly what God says about divorce and remarriage. I was especially blessed (and convicted) by Pearl's admonitions to be humble, gentle and non-condemning of those who find themselves divorced and/or remarried; his words were full of grace. I'll be recommending this book like crazy! (Posted on 8/16/2016)

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