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SPS - Revelation LARGE Banner + 6 FREE Handbooks

SPS - Revelation LARGE Banner + 6 FREE Handbooks More Views

Revelation LARGE Banner

+ 6 FREE Handbooks
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This 35" x 80" banner of an original painting done by Michael Pearl which shows the events of Revelation in chronological order. Includes 6 FREE Handbooks.

Additional handbooks available for $5 each HERE

PDF handbook available for $5 each HERE

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3 Reviews
Stunning , (Posted on 9/23/2020)

By Saved by Chirst Jesus

My family knew how badly I wanted this so they got it for me on my birthday. I knew it would be beautiful but when i unrolled it and saw it up close and in person I was overwhelmed with emotions. Tears fell from my cheeks as I looked at the FULL book of revelations by way of art. Each picture has a correlating bible verse next to it. I know the times we are in..To deny that we are living the last days would be foolish of me and like labor pains they increase in intensity & frequency with each passing day. I can't wait for all of the conversations we will have as we look upon Gods blue prints for us & this earth. Its truly a beautiful site and conversational piece of art. We are having it framed so it is never lost to us. With that said,the quality is outstanding and doesn't necessarily need a frame. Its thick so it won't tear or rip & its sturdy. Shipping was fast,Communication was very good as well. Thank you Micheal for making these available to the public and for not over pricing. They are affordable enough that anyone can purchase one of the sizes. I feel blessed to have this in my home. I simply can't wait to bring this to my children's classroom and give them a better understanding of what the bible is saying. Again, thank you so much for the banner the books and this months magazine which happens to be about adoption. I am a mother of 2 natural children as well as two adopted children so that worked out perfectly. Thanks again. Have a blessed & beautiful day whomever you are!

Brilliant, (Posted on 5/20/2020)

By Innocent

Shalom This is a perfect material. God Bless you Innocent

The best Revelation banner that I could find, (Posted on 5/18/2020)

By Tony

The Revelation banner is made out of really great material that won't easily tear. The picture and text quality is very good and easy to see and read it. I didn't know that Mr. Pearl had painted this banner until I saw him talk about it in one of his YouTube videos. The handbooks that goes with this banner are great too. Has a lot of information in it along with references. I like how it came with 6 books as it's already setup for a small group study. I thought the price was great for what you get as it's not easy to find a chart/map of Revelation in a banner size.

Full Product Description

Years ago when Michael was teaching through the book of Revelation, he painted an eight-foot canvas depicting the events described by John. It has been reproduced on heavy duty vinyl, 35" high by 80" wide and can be used for personal or group Bible study, as well as in churches. Verses are marked beside the images on the painting. This is a great resource for pastors, chaplains and anyone who teaches bible studies, Sunday school or homeschool. Comes with 6 free handbooks/study guides, additional handbooks may be bought at $5.00 each. Made out of heavy duty vinyl, hemmed on all sides and reinforced with grommets. Comes with 6 free handbooks. Additional handbooks may be bought for $5.00 each. If you always thought the book of Revelation was a mystery and too hard to understand, now is your opportunity to approach it in a way that makes it easy to study. This banner comes in a hard cylinder, which protects it in shipping. If additional handbooks are ordered they may be delivered separately due to packaging size. *Distributors note: This item is available under the Distributor program however, it will not be at your normal discount rate. This is to keep the item cost as low as possible, thank you for your understanding.