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Revelation LARGE Banner + 6 Revised Handbooks

Item 8131-13

This 35" x 80" banner of an original painting done by Michael Pearl which shows the events of Revelation in chronological order. Includes 6 Revised Handbooks. More books may be added to your cart for $5 each.

*As of April 2022*  Please note that the US Postal Service now charges a $15 fee for items over 30". You will see this fee in addition to a shipping cost on the checkout page. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional handbooks available for $5 each HERE

PDF handbook available for $5 each HERE



Years ago when Michael was teaching through the book of Revelation, he painted an eight-foot canvas depicting the events described by John. It has been reproduced on heavy duty vinyl, 35" high by 80" wide and can be used for personal or group Bible study, as well as in churches. Verses are marked beside the images on the painting. This is a great resource for pastors, chaplains and anyone who teaches bible studies, Sunday school or homeschool. Comes with 6 free newly revised handbooks/study guides, additional handbooks may be bought at $5.00 each. Made out of heavy duty vinyl, hemmed on all sides and reinforced with grommets.

Comes with 6 revised handbooks. Additional handbooks may be bought for $5.00 each. Please add these to your cart if desired.

If you always thought the book of Revelation was a mystery and too hard to understand, now is your opportunity to approach it in a way that makes it easy to study. This banner comes in a long box, which protects it in shipping.

If additional handbooks are ordered they may be delivered separately due to packaging size.

*Distributors note: This item is available under the Distributor program however, it will not be at your normal discount rate. This is to keep the item cost as low as possible, thank you for your understanding.

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+ 6 FREE Revised Handbooks




No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc.



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