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Contains answers to 34 questions (#91 - #125) of frequently asked questions such as 'Should the Bible be translated to adapt to cultures?' and 'Can I preach from the KJV but study from modern versions? and so much more!

By Dr. Samuel Gipp. 189 pages.



This book will help answer over thirty (34) questions you may have regarding 'Can you study your Bible without using the Greek? and 'Why do people say there are mistakes in the Bible? and so much more. By Dr. Samuel Gipp, Th. D., Ph.D. 189 pages

The 3rd Answer Book:

91. Why do preachers say, "The Bible is perfect, without error," but can't hand you the Book they just described?

92. Why does EVERY new Bible compare itself to the KJB, not the last modem version?

93. Can I preach from a KJB but study a modem version?

94. Is there only a 1% change between the KJB & modem versions?

95. Is it Wrong to Reinsert the Apocrypha into the AV Because it was there in the Original Edition?

96. Which of the hundreds of Bibles printed in English is the best?

97. Should the Bible be translated to adapt to cultures?

98. What about the "Verbal Transmission Game"?

99. Isn't it the heresy of "Double Inspiration" to believe the King James Bible is perfect?

100. How did God fail to preserve even ONE original manuscript?

101. Who calls for a new translation to be produced?

102. Why can't we use Greek to enhance the Bible?

103. Why can't we use Greek to enhance the Bible?

104. My Bible college professor showed me what he described as errors in the King James Bible. Is he correct?

105. Isn't Shakespeare's name found in Psalm 46?

106. Why do people say there are mistakes in the Bible?

107. My Grandmother complains that the new versions "Don't sound like the Bible." Isn't that a little shallow?

108. Doesn't the King James Bible promote slavery?

109. What about the "turtledoves/turtles" error in the KJB?.

110. What about the Spanish Bible?

111. Isn't "Lucifer" in Isa 14:12 a mistranslation in the King James Bible

112. Were the KJB translators afraid to translate "baptizo"?

113. Weren't Old Testament scribes more meticulous than those of the New Testament?

114. What is the scandal about the Dead Sea Scrolls?

115. Is Psalm 12:7 referring to poor people, not God's words?

116. Was Matthew originally written in Hebrew?

117. Shouldn't Daniel 3:25 read, "a son of the gods"?

118. Why does the King James Bible incorrectly say "Hebrew'' inAct26:14?

119. What's wrong with the English Standard Version?

120. What's wrong with the English Standard Version?

121. What if you AV believers are wrong?

122. What if someone doesn't accept a biblical answer about the King James Bible?

123. Aren't King James Bible believers causing division?

124. Aren't all eight days from Abib 14 to 21 known as "The Passover" in the Bible?

125. Why don't "Bible believers" accept the progress made with each new version?

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