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What do you get when Islamic terrorists and White Supremacists go up against a small group of Bible believers in the hills of East Tennessee? Get your hands on a copy of this intensely exciting, informative novel from Debi Pearl! 338 pages.




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The VISION is the compelling new novel from international best-selling author and herbalist Debi Pearl. The first in the series The Last Publishers.

What do you get when Islamic terrorists and White Supremacists go up against a small group of Bible believers in the hills of East Tennessee? Get your hands on a copy of this intensely exciting, informative fictional novel written by Debi Pearl!

  • It is the enchanting love story of Asher, a man driven with a vision, and the beautiful Cheyenne, an herbalist.
  • It is a fast-paced, carefully-woven tapestry of spiritual intrigue, human frailties, and God’s divine intervention.
  • It is a shocking picture of what the extremist terrorist sects are now doing to spread their religion through force of violence.
  • It is a nerve-racking revelation of the most menacing volcano on planet earth— Yellowstone.
  • It is a record of history’s plagues and the riveting revelation of the plagues to come.
  • It unlocks the mysteries of herbal healing, giving recipes of healing brews from the herbal guru herself.
  • Scariest of all… it is based on truth.
  • It will drive you into the everlasting arms of God, our refuge from the storms that are surely coming.

Read a short excerpt from Chapter 1.

The Vision by Debi Pearl - Book Trailer

From the official website,

Asher can’t prove it, but as he sits in the diner saying goodbye to Dan’s old friends, he suspects that the Muslim watching from outside, the one that his been stalking him since the funeral, is one of those that killed his best friend and mentor. He is determined to carry on Dan’s work, to fulfill his vision of publishing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, especially to the precious Muslim souls bound in darkness. Old Dan had talked for hours about his vision for the illustrated Bible Story Book—a work that is turning many to Christ. Dan’s “mistake” was to flood the local Muslim community with God’s Story Book. When some of their young people came to a Bible study, Dan became a marked man.

Old Dan knew that the man who had written the book, Malachi Freeman, had planned to take an Arabic version of God’s Story Book to the millions of Arab Muslims around the globe. Dan wanted to be a part of that miracle, but he was murdered before he could. Asher means to take his place.

Asher moves to East Tennessee, where The Last Publishers Ministry is headquartered in the peaceful hills—but the peace is about to be shattered. Unbeknownst to him, those who murdered his friend are already there, watching the ministry and following the beautiful young herbalist Cheyenne Freeman and her ministry focused family. Through Cheyenne Asher learns of the amazing healing herbal berry brew that her mother has stumbled across in her forty years of experimenting with herbs and berries. It troubles him that The Last Publishers plans to use the sale of this product to raise money to publish the gospel to those who have never heard. These simple people do not realize that the root of all evil is money, and an herbal tonic that appears to have almost supernatural healing powers would mean more money than anyone could believe.

Asher’s fears are soon realized as he discovers that the White Supremacists who control this tight-knit East Tennessee community know of the herbal brew. One of their informants has discovered where the brew is being made. Unknown to the focused believers, their money making brew is being stolen before it can even be produced. But Asher knows the White Supremacists are the lesser of their enemies.

To make matters worse, from connections inside the FBI and the US Geological Survey, Asher daily monitors news about a fault line that runs through Yellowstone National Park, which scientists says is ready to burst at any time with enough volcanic lava to cover thousands of square miles and send poisonous volcanic ash across the entire continent.

Asher shares his information about the terrorists, White Supremacists and the volcano with his new friend Omar, an ex-con who works for the Freemans. In an unexpected traffic jam one day, Omar is led by God to pick up a hitchhiker as he passes her on the highway. Although he doesn’t understand why, it soon becomes apparent that young Magdalene, on the run from dark family secrets and fresh from a life of drugs and prostitution, needs a safe environment to discover compassion and love. She is soon befriended by Cheyenne and other young ladies in the community and begins to experience the transforming power of God’s grace.

Soon after Magdalene’s arrival, Asher notices a cream-colored Volkswagen Passat at a storefront in the town’s small shopping district—strikingly similar to the vehicle that Asher had noticed stalking his friend Dan just before the old man was murdered. The store is owned by a Muslim family that has recently planted itself in the town.

Asher lives in terror, knowing that Cheyenne, the woman he dearly loves, could be their next victim. But the vision is eternal. He and those around him are driven to reach the world with the clear, simple story of God. Asher learns to be a man of prayer, seeking God for divine safety.

As the community carries out the plan to spread the gospel, the violence of their adversaries escalates. They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want—from firebombing the shopping center in a nearby town to killing their own followers who try to help the believers.

The group struggle to stay faithful to the work which God has called them as they fight fear, fire, death, and constant threats. But when tragedy strikes, their faith is so shaken even the strong seem in danger of crumbling.

The believers finally realize that if they are to survive they need to abandon their own dwellings to take up residence on The Last Publishers’ property. In this dire hour Cheyenne aches to be tenderly loved. With the world literally falling down around them, the publishers stay focused on getting the gospel to the whole world, especially to those who have not been allowed to hear. But at the most unexpected moment it seems that the terrorists win. Is it over? Is God in control? Who is Levi? Where is he taking us and why? God help us.

Interspersed in the story are actual herbal remedies and factual events that detail the real life reality of the story’s important elements. The Vision reveals truth in the form of fiction: From the shocking authenticity of Muslim honor killing and the insidious influence of white power groups in rural America to herbal healing recipes from an experienced herbalist and little known scientific findings concerning Yellowstone, one of the most menacing sleeping giants in the world. Who can survive? We will learn how in book 2, The Test and the Cave. In it there will be more fact than fiction because you might need to know…

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A novel by Debi Pearl. First in the series THE LAST PUBLISHERS.


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An End Times Novel




Debi Pearl



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