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Jumping Ship - The Key to Keeping Your Chi...

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  Everyone needs a vision and the means to fulfill it. Now what I mean by vision, I mean there has to be something in life bigger (...)

Marriage God's Way - The Wonder of Cleavin...

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  This word cleave, stay close together, stay joined together. Men, you need to cleave to your wife. Now, there are other ways you (...)

Teaching Responsibility - How to Train You...

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  Children need to have instilled in them very young that life is about productivity. Life is about contributing and giving (...)

The Balanced Patriarch - Who is the High P...

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  Now we're going to talk a little bit about what it means to be a patriarch ‑‑ a dysfunctional patriarch, and then a functional pat (...)

Child Training 101 - Don't Reward Negative...

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  Now, never reward the child's dominance, laziness, whining, self‑pity, bashfulness, lust, weakness, any negative character trait o (...)

Marriage God's Way - Divine Assistance

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  We talked of a little bit about Genesis last night. We are not going to repeat all that, but that also applied to what we are (...)

Henry Martyn

Its growing impact on individual lives around the world is a reality. The time has come for its next level of impact.

The Balanced Patriarch - Our Job is to Tur...

The complete seminar session The Balanced Patriarch is available on DVD. Transcription [music intro] Michael Pearl:  I raised my children to get rid of them. I wanted them to (...)

Marriage God's Way - Leave & Cleave

Transcription [music intro] Michael Pearl:  Now, Genesis Chapter 2, Verse 24, "Therefore, shall a man leave his father and mother, shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall (...)

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