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Child Training 101 - Starting Over

Listen to Mike explain the problem and give hope to parents to turn things around.

Teaching Responsibility - Training Your Ki...

How can I give my children a vision to work? Listen as Mike uses real life examples to help you give your children a desire to want to work.

Movers & Shakers - How to Train Your D...

Transcription [intro music] Debi Pearl:  He spent a lot of time with the girls. It's amazing how much time he spent with the girls. I think a lot of their development into (...)

Felix Carey

Felix Carey saw the need for literature and the Lord used him in great and mighty ways. A White Unto Harvest Production.

Marriage Mini-Seminar

Mike, Debi, and their son Nathan hosted this video seminar live on March 6, 2012. In this “webinar” they cover marriage-related issues and topics of interest to husbands and w (...)

Good and Evil Animation Episode 1

Trouble viewing? This video is being hosted on If YouTube is blocked by your Internet Service Provider you will not be able to see this video. Please order a disc (...)

Mike's New Book, Training Children to...

Mike: I have a new book that you’re going to love. I have enjoyed writing it immensely. It’s called Training Children to be Strong in Spirit. I’ve been looking forward to writing t (...)


Listen to audio version Your browser does not support the audio element. SHALOM: Gracie. Remember how sometimes you tease Laila and be kind of silly? Well, when my brother was a (...)

Multi-colored Girls

Kirsten: Hi, I’m Kirsten and I’m here with Shalom, and we’re going to be discussing an article that Debi Pearl wrote on Learning to Become a Multi-colored Girl. Now, you may be ask (...)

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