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How do I get right with God?

Follow around Mike this week as he answers the question, "Is it possible for Christians to 'backslide' and how could they get right with God?"

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

[music] Joshua Steele:  The vision of Carpathian Mountain Outreach is twofold. It's about advancing the Gospel in Ukraine while at the same time training young men in (...)

William Carey

Transcription [intro music] Narrator 1:  He was simply a shoe cobbler. With scraps of leather, he made a map of the world and hung it on the wall. One day as he looked at the (...)

The Mission Press

Introduce your children to the eternal vision of God. See how God used simple men who believed they could reach the world for Christ. There are still so many who have never (...)

Why does God allow Bad Things to Happen?

If God is all Powerful and Loving, where is he when there is a Natural Disaster or other Horrible Tragedy?

Marriage God's Way - How He May Please His...

How can a man balance ministry and family? Mike turns to Scripture to show how a married man’s first obligation is to his wife.

Teaching Responsibility - Raising Girls

Mike tells stories that show what good teaching really is; it is taking someone by the hand and saying, “Help me make this.”

Movers & Shakers - Teach Your Kids Pub...

Mike tells stories from teaching his own children to be effective public speakers.

How do we know the Bible is correct?

How do I explain to my Atheist / Agnostic friends that the King James Bible is the correct Bible to take my information from?