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Articles tagged Child Training

Joy of Training - The Two Key Principles o...

Mike teaches the principles that make child training simple.

The Fruit of Child Training - Webinar

Nathan, Shalom and Shoshanna join their parents to discuss what it was like growing up in the Pearl home and how they are benefiting as adults from the fruit of their (...)

How to Put “Johnny” Down to Sleep

Teach him that he has to sleep when you tell him to go to sleep.

Mike's New Book, Training Children to...

Mike: I have a new book that you’re going to love. I have enjoyed writing it immensely. It’s called Training Children to be Strong in Spirit. I’ve been looking forward to writing t (...)

Dealing with Frustration

MIKE: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl, and they drug me down off the hill where I’ve been working to answer your questions, which I am delighted to be doing here on this beautiful afternoon. Tr (...)

Samuel Learns To Yell and Tell - Book Trai...

An award-winning author steps into troubled waters writing books for children instructing them how to respond if a sexual predator makes an advance. The predator can be another (...)