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What happens when we die?

This Week’s Bible Question: It is believed that once we die we go either straight to heaven or hell. If this is true, who are the dead that will rise in the rapture? Episode T (...)

Multi-colored Girls

Kirsten: Hi, I’m Kirsten and I’m here with Shalom, and we’re going to be discussing an article that Debi Pearl wrote on Learning to Become a Multi-colored Girl. Now, you may be ask (...)

Guarding Your Thoughts - Preparing To Be A...

Being a good help meet starts long before marriage. It is a mindset, a learned habit, a way of life established as a young unmarried girl—or at least that’s the way it should be. N (...)

How should we deal with sinning Christians...

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Hello, I'm Mike Pearl. Here we are in Studio B. Are we in B or A? OK. And we're here to answer your bible questions today. So, Jared (...)

Was David born with a sinful nature?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  All right I'm Michael Pearl still sitting here on this bucket on this 2 x 4, getting some kind of a rear-end disease I think. But I'm (...)

Does God want women to wear headcoverings?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Hi! I'm Michael Pearl. Here, I am again answering your Bible questions. I've been up here working on my house, and Jared just came up (...)

What's the right Religion?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  There's some tomahawks over there. All right, Jared caught up with me and we're going to do some Bible questions. Now that's not too (...)

Dressing Appropriately

Episode Transcription: Kirsten:  Hi, I'm Kirsten, and I'm here with Lizzy. And we're going to be talking about a safety tip list for single girls, or just girls traveling or (...)

Samuel Learns To Yell and Tell - Book Trai...

An award-winning author steps into troubled waters writing books for children instructing them how to respond if a sexual predator makes an advance. The predator can be another (...)