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Marriage Mini-Seminar

Mike, Debi, and their son Nathan hosted this video seminar live on March 6, 2012. In this “webinar” they cover marriage-related issues and topics of interest to husbands and w (...)

Does God give people the ability to heal o...

Episode 071 Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Alright, I'm Michael Pearl, and I'm here answering any kind of Bible question that you've got. Many of you have emailed in some (...)

What does the word "Strive" mean...

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Alright, here I am, Mike Pearl, still in the Studio Beat—is that we decided it was? What it is—actually, it's part of our book storage s (...)

Summer Fun For Kids

Episode Transcription: Kristen:  Hi, I'm Kristen and I'm here with Debi, in her herb garden. And we're answering some questions. So, question for the day is, "What can a (...)