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Why does God allow Bad Things to Happen?

If God is all Powerful and Loving, where is he when there is a Natural Disaster or other Horrible Tragedy?

How do we know the Bible is correct?

How do I explain to my Atheist / Agnostic friends that the King James Bible is the correct Bible to take my information from?

What is the Terror of the Lord?

Regarding “The Terror of the Lord” as seen in 2nd Corinthians 5:11, could you explain this?

Should Christians observe the Sabbath?

Was the Sabbath given as a sign for the Jews, or should it be observed today, as a day of worship by Christians?

Are there any Apostles today?

Are there any Apostles today?

What is the Judgment Seat of Christ?

This Weeks Bible Question: What does 2 Corinthians 5:10 mean? As a Christian, I thought I wasn't going to be judged. Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Well, it’s Bible T (...)

What does taking up your cross daily mean?

This Weeks Bible Question: What did Jesus mean in Luke 9:23 about taking up your cross daily? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl of No Greater Joy M (...)

What does the Bible say about celebrating ...

This Weeks Bible Question: Does Jeremiah 10:3 talk about Christmas Trees? As Christians should we celebrate Christmas or other Holidays? Episode Transcription [music] Michael (...)

When did God create snakes?

This Weeks Bible Question: Were snakes part of the original 6 Days of Creation? Or, do snakes exist because God cursed Satan? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: All (...)