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The Balanced Patriarch - Learning Both Goo...

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  He teaches his children to choose the good and reject the evil. My daddy did that. I did that with my children. Now, I didn't try (...)

The Fruit of Child Training - Webinar

Nathan, Shalom and Shoshanna join their parents to discuss what it was like growing up in the Pearl home and how they are benefiting as adults from the fruit of their (...)

How do we know the Bible is correct?

How do I explain to my Atheist / Agnostic friends that the King James Bible is the correct Bible to take my information from?

What is the Terror of the Lord?

Regarding “The Terror of the Lord” as seen in 2nd Corinthians 5:11, could you explain this?

Child Training 101 - Starting Over

Listen to Mike explain the problem and give hope to parents to turn things around.

Should Christians observe the Sabbath?

Was the Sabbath given as a sign for the Jews, or should it be observed today, as a day of worship by Christians?

What is the significance of the House of J...

What is the significance of the House of Judah and Israel?

Marriage Mini-Seminar

Mike, Debi, and their son Nathan hosted this video seminar live on March 6, 2012. In this “webinar” they cover marriage-related issues and topics of interest to husbands and w (...)

Which Church time period are we living in?

Why do you believe we are living in the Philadelphian Church time period and not the Laodiciean Church period?