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Are there any paradoxes in the Bible?

This Weeks Bible Question: Are there any paradoxes in the Bible? If so, what kind of paradoxes? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Alright, here we are once again. I’ve s (...)

What is the Judgment Seat of Christ?

This Weeks Bible Question: What does 2 Corinthians 5:10 mean? As a Christian, I thought I wasn't going to be judged. Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Well, it’s Bible T (...)

What does taking up your cross daily mean?

This Weeks Bible Question: What did Jesus mean in Luke 9:23 about taking up your cross daily? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl of No Greater Joy M (...)

Dealing with Frustration

MIKE: Hi, I’m Mike Pearl, and they drug me down off the hill where I’ve been working to answer your questions, which I am delighted to be doing here on this beautiful afternoon. Tr (...)

Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Alright, here I am in front of the camera instead of out on the tractor today, and Jared has some questions that you sent in. He is (...)

Does God give people the ability to heal o...

Episode 071 Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Alright, I'm Michael Pearl, and I'm here answering any kind of Bible question that you've got. Many of you have emailed in some (...)

Does the Bible still apply today?

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Hi, I'm Mike Pearl. Jared dragged me indoors today to answer your Bible questions, and, so, here I am—got my Bible in front of me—and Ja (...)

What does the word "Strive" mean...

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  Alright, here I am, Mike Pearl, still in the Studio Beat—is that we decided it was? What it is—actually, it's part of our book storage s (...)

Where did Elijah get water to dump on the ...

Episode Transcription: Michael Pearl:  All right, I'm up here working on my house. This is about a six‑year project so far. I work on it about 10 or 15 hours a week, and J (...)