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Articles on Art of Child Training

So, Who's Disabled?

Mother, why are you cleaning up this room; isn’t this your little girl’s room? “Yes, but she’s only three, not big enough to clean up yet.”

Sorry, I'm Tied Up at the Moment...

In keeping with our article on boys I have decided to relate an event that occurred last week.

Rowdy Boys

Question: Do you have any cures for rowdy boys during school? It’s almost always in fun, but is always disruptive.”

A Whole Boy

As I look at the woman sitting opposite me, the twisting of her hands, the set of her shoulders, and the stress on her face tells me she is willing to do anything I suggest.


Your children from birth are empty vessels prone to an animal’s existence of eating, drinking, demanding, commanding, taking and using.

The Power of the Media

If you come to the Church which is at Cane Creek, and maybe hang around the volleyball court with your children, then you are eventually going to become the “star,” dis (...)

See I'm Happy

This past week there was another development in the ongoing saga of the Caroline files.

Training Roseanna's Flesh

Twelve-month-old Roseanna has one adoring mama, one adoring daddy, one adoring five-year-old sister, one adoring seven-year-old brother, and dozens of adoring friends.

Family Productions

I recently met a little three-year-old girl who is the product of life with her parents.

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