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Articles on Art of Child Training

The Power of the Media

If you come to the Church which is at Cane Creek, and maybe hang around the volleyball court with your children, then you are eventually going to become the “star,” dis (...)

See I'm Happy

This past week there was another development in the ongoing saga of the Caroline files.

Training Roseanna's Flesh

Twelve-month-old Roseanna has one adoring mama, one adoring daddy, one adoring five-year-old sister, one adoring seven-year-old brother, and dozens of adoring friends.

Family Productions

I recently met a little three-year-old girl who is the product of life with her parents.

Channel 23

A modern Psalm taken from “The New International Unchristian Perversion.”

Sitting Down Inside

Several times I have been asked by parents how they can make a child sit in a car seat when he or she refuses to do so.

An Idea We Tabled

Until recently, our family didn’t sit down at a table, we sat down at a continent.

The Folly of Fairness

There is a universal tendency to try to make life fair. We tend to think of legislated fairness as equality, when in fact it is inequality. This is so ingrained in us that we (...)

After Its Kind, and Then Some

When I see orange, the same shade as the fruit, I experience an involuntary citrus constriction in the muscles of my jaw.