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Articles on Babies

Baby Potty Training

First, you must let go of everything you have been led to believe about potty training. Stop using all the standard excuses: "Well, I just don't have time. It is too hard. I (...)

Potty Time

Our children come into this world without a single habit.

Tumbling Tots

You can learn a great deal about child training from watching other parents relate to their children.

Keeping Your Children First

It's our duty as parents to surround our children with healthy activities and friends.

Too Young to Spank?

When is a child too young to spank? The answer is obviously dependent on your definition of the word "spank."

Sweet Kids

How do you make your children get along?

The Folks in England Are Talking About Us

The good folks from The Old School House magazine planned a speaking tour to England this spring...

Dealing with Slick Liars

What do you do when you learn that one of your sweet little ones is an outright liar?

More Than Obedience?

Should I expect her do more than what she is commanded? Isn’t that asking too much?