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Articles on Bible Teaching

Water-Walking Faith

About six months into Jesus’ ministry, he got word that Herod had beheaded John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, during a palace party for the amusement of his guests (Matthew 14:10). “ (...)

Doubt Your Salvation?

Do Your Children Know God? Am I worthy? How Can God Love Me? Have I sinned too much? How Can God save Me? Am I too Far Gone? Surely I am A Good Person....? If you ask yourself (...)


Many of you may not know that I am a private pilot. There are few things more thrilling than breaking the bounds of gravity and soaring into the blue sky! I don’t get to fly o (...)

Don't You Dare

!! WARNING TO PARENTS, READ FIRST!! Some Christian parents are growing weary of trying to homeschool all their children. A few have relented and sent their kids to public school (...)

God Is All Inclusive

In a society that seeks to be “inclusive,” it should come as welcome news that God has indeed included everyone. Unfortunately, it’s not “everyone goes to heaven.” Rather, it is th (...)

Many Sins Forgiven

For the past six years I have been working on a book that is now finished and in the final stages of preparation to be published. Artwork is currently being done. Those who have (...)

Mexico Prisoner Testimonies

Good & Evil Missions Update In the fall of 2021 we had the vision to expand our prison outreach using the Good and Evil comic Bible into prisons in Mexico. Here is an update (...)


Have you, like me, prayed for revival, and dreamed of people responding in droves to the gospel?During Jesus’ earthly ministry, the nation of Israel was badly in need of revival. C (...)

Gideon, A Man Of Valor

This is one of more than fifty stories in Mike’s new book on Faith throughout the Bible. It will be available in late Summer—God willing. Israel occupied the promised land and liv (...)

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