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Articles on Boys Only

Eating Ants

Most parents are too uptight. At least half the joy of life is raising kids. So when Big Papa found that one of our Russian boys had returned the jar of honey to the cabinet (...)

Boys, Snakes and Men

When I was about twelve, I had 26 snakes in captivity and about fifty lizards. The snakes were non-venomous—what we called spreading adders—pronounced “spreadin-adders." (...)

Summertime at the Pearls' (Once More)

Well, it’s summertime again at Cane Creek. Shalom and Shoshanna each have their outside work to do and plenty of chores at home. But there is always time for fun, especially n (...)

Summertime at the Pearls

Debi and I had four Russian orphans living with us this summer. What a summer! We discovered parenting all over again. I'd forgotten how much fun it was.

Drug Addicts

Several years ago many little boys became drug addicts...

A Mother Asks

...In recent weeks things have escalated into what can almost be described as full-fledged gang war between the older and the younger boys...

...And Raymond begat Jubal, and Jubal was a...

About one year ago I stopped over at Jubal’s house to pick up something.

In Defense of Boys—Again

You are not alone. We have received several letters from confused readers. However, for every confused reader there were ten who found solace in knowing their boys didn’t h (...)

Sorry, I'm Tied Up at the Moment...

In keeping with our article on boys I have decided to relate an event that occurred last week.