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Articles on Girls & Boys

Little Foxes Spoil the Vines

This past Sunday, during our gathering to worship, I saw several examples of little foxes. One little fellow interrupted the children’s story to tell his mother that he (...)

The Will To Dominate

The following article deals with a very important subject that we have touched on before but never discussed in detail—a child’s will to dominate. I chose this letter because (...)


Two-year-old Johnny was sitting in his mother’s lap at the kitchen table. He reached for a dish of steamed squash, but his mother pulled him back and said "No." He twisted h (...)

Low Self-Esteem

My thirteen-year-old has very low self-esteem. My younger son always seems to "out-do" him in obedience and schoolwork.


A young father dropped by to confer with one of my sons on some item of business. His little boy, not yet two years old, wandered over to the toy box and began to drag out (...)

Preventive Training

Dear Pearls, Our 9-year-old son (the oldest of 5) wakes up wanting to do only what he wants, no chores. He drags through work and often does an incomplete job. He pouts and (...)

Rodless Training

"Is there a way to train children if you are prevented from Biblical application of the rod?" The Bible says, "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of (...)

Consumption of the American Male

Have you ever seen teenage boys slouching with their pants hanging limp, walking down the sidewalk like a loose-jointed snake?

Butterflies and Backdoors

With five children still at home, their friends come in like mosquitoes in Louisiana; you just try to ignore the buzz and hope they don’t eat too much.

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