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Articles on Girls & Boys

One for the Money

When we travel, teaching seminars, Deb and I enjoy observing the many different families, each with it’s own unique personality.

See I'm Happy

This past week there was another development in the ongoing saga of the Caroline files.

Sibling Squabbles

Children attempt to control their environment, which means the people around them, through pity or threat.

Training Roseanna's Flesh

Twelve-month-old Roseanna has one adoring mama, one adoring daddy, one adoring five-year-old sister, one adoring seven-year-old brother, and dozens of adoring friends.

Channel 23

A modern Psalm taken from “The New International Unchristian Perversion.”

The Folly of Fairness

There is a universal tendency to try to make life fair. We tend to think of legislated fairness as equality, when in fact it is inequality. This is so ingrained in us that we (...)

The Bottom

I had left my wife at the airport, coming to this distant city to teach several seminars. My hosts showed me to an upstairs hallway where I was to sleep.

Rights Are Right

I receive many letters and public inquiries on the issue of personal rights.

True Confessions of a Bed-Wetter

Many of you have written us about the problem of your older children wetting their beds. Through our extensive social outreach we have persuaded one of these tormented souls (...)