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Articles on Girls & Boys

When Dirty Diapers Land on Your Head

“Why is God allowing this to happen to ME?”

Feed the Children

People ask me how I get my kids to eat veggies. Well, mostly they eat them because that is what I feed them!

The Well

Training means instructing a child in how to master the issues of life.


When I tell my 4-year-old son to do something, his first response is always, “Why?” How should I deal with this issue?

What Is Creativity and Is It Important?

Are you homeschooling your child in a way that cultivates creativity or that stifles it?

School Adventures

School is fun when you look at it as an adventure in discovery and learning.

The Power of a Box

My whole life of creativity, writing, art, homeschooling, and child training reflects those wonderful boxes of opportunity.

Living Large

We all want the best for our children. We want them to be used by God to do great things, to be world-changers and make a difference in eternity. But these things don’t h (...)

The Box

A classic we thought you'd enjoy!

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