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Articles on Girls & Boys

Go, and Sneer No More

How can a man truly love a woman who treats him with disdain and disapproval? The recipe for a good marriage doesn’t include a pinch of scorn.

Daddy's Pride and Joy

Make sure your kids know that you are proud of them in the little things, so they will want to make you proud in the big things.

Pacification Parenting

Accepting the sacrifices of duty and self control is a slow process done in increments, like learning to walk on sharp rocks.

Be a Door Opener, Not a Door Shutter

Think of ways to open doors of delight and you will not have as many occasions to say no to their naughtiness.

The Happy Child

“I love you”, “thank you”, “why can’t you be as happy as me?”

Corn Fest Fun!

Our first annual Cane Creek Corn Fest was a day FILLED with fun. While the corn harvest was great, the harvest of grace was even greater. Mike reflects on the quality of the (...)

Be Careful Little Feet Where You Go

Nathan Pearl reflects on the impact childhood experiences have on a person's perception of right and wrong. An encouragement for parents to carefully guide the steps of their (...)

Training for Honesty

Have you been looking for ways to teach children how lies hurt? Here's an object lesson on the destructive power of lies. You'll need an apple, a hammer and a flair for the (...)

The Power of a Story

Shalom Brand uses a story from her own childhood to help reinforce a lesson about deception for her daughter. See how the mystery of the red blanket was solved and how a (...)

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