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Poor Miss Loveless &...

Question: Dear Mrs. Debi, I love your new book, Preparing to Be a Help Meet. I was deeply affected by the phrase, “I can think of nothing I want more than someone to truly love me.” I am a 27-year-old homeschooled girl. My older sister and I have no reason to believe marriage is in sight. Mom is a wonderful person, but still believes it is her total responsibility to guide and protect us as if we were still children. This might be fine and good, but the years have passed and Mom is so much in our faces and… Read More
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A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea

Rebekah Rising

“Fine china” will never make it to heaven.

June 2007


Rebekah Rising

Calling all Teenagers… Normal, healthy, smart, beautiful, talented, needed, wonderful…. Hey – I’m talking to you.

February 2006

Homeschool Kid – Mommy Training

Rebekah Rising

Our little ones learn everything from us: conversation, facial expression, habits, attitudes etc… What kind of mommy and wife is your little girl learning to be?

December 2004

Ladies wear white socks

Debi Pearl

The lady who smiled at her children, and the woman who showed honor to her husband, the hard-working church helper, those I held up as examples to be admired…by my girls! Yes, girls were indoctrinated to be ladies by the examples of the women I admired.

April 2004

What is That Fragrance?

Debi Pearl

Have you ever walked down a country lane in the springtime and suddenly became aware of the most delicious aroma? At first, the odor carried on the gentle breeze is so faint you can’t identify it, but as you draw nearer you catch the sweet honeysuckle fragrance.

September 2002

Barbie Dolls Revisited

Michael Pearl and Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling

Barbie Dolls are very popular with some lascivious men. At the least, Barbie dolls erode the innocence and natural modesty of young girls.

February 2001

To Train Up a Grandmother

Michael Pearl

I am 70 years old. My husband went home to be with the Lord a year ago and my problem of overeating got worse.

November 2000

Barbie Dolls or Baby Dolls?

Debi Pearl

Many parents have expressed concern over Barbie-like dolls.

December 1997

Cause I’m Young

Rebekah Rising

Rebekah Pearl, 12 years old

August 1995