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Articles on Girls Only

Preparing to Be a Help Meet—NEW BOOK!

Being a good help meet starts long before marriage. It is a mindset, a learned habit, a way of life established as a young unmarried girl—or at least that’s the way it should (...)

Hippy Mom

My daughters will be wonderful wives and mothers. They will be fully-equipped in all good matters of the home. They will be cheerful, thankful, delighted in their husbands (...)

Squeaky Clean Apprentice

In less than 5 minutes, I taught my 3-year-old daughter, Amanda, to efficiently use a dust buster!

Little Women

Pleasing Those You Love

A Cup of Tea

“Fine china” will never make it to heaven.


Calling all Teenagers... Normal, healthy, smart, beautiful, talented, needed, wonderful.... Hey - I'm talking to you.

Homeschool Kid - Mommy Training

Our little ones learn everything from us: conversation, facial expression, habits, attitudes etc... What kind of mommy and wife is your little girl learning to be?

Ladies wear white socks

The lady who smiled at her children, and the woman who showed honor to her husband, the hard-working church helper, those I held up as examples to be my girls (...)

What is That Fragrance?

Have you ever walked down a country lane in the springtime and suddenly became aware of the most delicious aroma? At first, the odor carried on the gentle breeze is so faint (...)