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Learning With a Purpose

I am a young mother and just beginning my homeschooling years. I am learning as I go along. Every day has new challenges. I have been working with Gracie, my oldest child who (...)


Do you remember the old Etch-a-Sketch toys, where you turned the two dials to draw lines and designs on the screen? Rebekah brought it to me to show that she had written her (...)


Gracie will be turning three in October. I told my mom last week that I was going to start schooling her this year, and Mom said, “You have been schooling her for almost t (...)

Summer School - Homeschool Kid

"How many seeds is there, Mama?"

Homeschool Kid - Mommy Training

Our little ones learn everything from us: conversation, facial expression, habits, attitudes etc... What kind of mommy and wife is your little girl learning to be?

Homeschool Kid - Daddy and King Neb

Daddy's drooling and carpet-grazing depiction of King Neb, changed into a beast, is so impressive that even three-year-old Joe is convinced of value of being thankful and (...)

Homeschool Kid - When the Music Starts

Joe Courage's first music lesson.

Homeschool Kid—Sing My Song

Small children love to be identified, "you're a carpenter, you fixed my chair!" or "those are good brownies, you’re our little cook."

Are We There Yet?

-Acquiring Tools for Life Every time you receive a newsletter, you sit down and read it. You’ve followed Mike Pearl’s advice and trained your children to obey and work hard. T (...)