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Our Western culture is evangelistic and totalitarian in its zeal to promote secular humanism.

Homeschool Kid - Wins of Change

Behind Mom and Dad’s door stood an old, five-gallon plastic jug, the origin of which I have long forgotten. Every time Dad had a pocketful of small change, he would toss it into t (...)

Sound Familiar? -Sally and Jimmy

There’s a little girl in my neighborhood who is six years old. Her mother has carefully guarded the girl’s childhood from the stress of early learning requirements.

Homeschooling as a Way of Life

For many, "school" is the main focus in "homeschooling." As for me "home" is most important.

What Curriculum Do You Recommend?

..Remember, God did not make classroom education. It is the invention of humanists seeking to usurp parental authority. Why recapture your rights and duty only to adopt their (...)

The Reformed School of Alexandria

We did not raise our children in a classroom environment. I conducted my "classes" in the front seat of the pickup or in the cabinet shop. Deb conducted her classes in the (...)

An Idea We Tabled

Until recently, our family didn’t sit down at a table, we sat down at a continent.

What Curriculum Do You Recommend for My...

"What curriculum do you recommend for my six-year-old just starting school?"

Homeschooler Obeys the Great Commission

I want to introduce you to another homeschooler, T. J. Slayman.