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Articles on Missions

The Eternal Battle Plan: Getting Started...

Learn about iMissionaries and how you can become involved in spreading the gospel online through social media!

Called to Go

One lady is reaching people for Christ that a missionary could never reach. She did it from her home computer while her kids took their afternoon naps. You can do this. What (...)

A Vision

Hitting the road.

If I Could Speak in Tongues

How shall they hear?

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

This year’s CMO team is already being assembled, and the call for laborers is going out. Young man, will you join us?

Amish Coming to the Light

The Spirit of God is moving and the words of God are finding lodging in good ground.

Living Large

We all want the best for our children. We want them to be used by God to do great things, to be world-changers and make a difference in eternity. But these things don’t h (...)

How a Missionary Was Made

God used a worn-out book we found in a laundromat to plow the ground, and then he used a small, dirty tract to plant the seed that caused our family to seek him.

No Greater Joy Finances

This past fiscal year was a very difficult year for NGJ. To minister globally at the high level we have ministered at over the past several years, we spent more than we (...)